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Stem Cell Hair Growth Platelet Rich P...

The American Hair Loss Association says that two-thirds of men will suffer from hair loss when they reach the age...


How Stem Cell Can Cure Hair Loss

Individuals suffering from hair loss are renewed with the hope of using the stem cell technology to cure their...


Stem Cells And Hair Regeneration To P...

Hair loss is attributed to a wide variety of factors from hormonal changes, genetics, health conditions and...


Hair Transplant Huntsville Alabama

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution for men and women experiencing baldness, thinning hair, and total...


Fue Hair Transplant In Guntersville A...

Steve Latham Hair Clinic has been performing hair transplant on patients in Guntersville, Alabama and the surrounding...


Cosmetic And Surgical Hair Loss Treat...

There are a few procedures that people suffering from hair loss can do at home to reduce further loss or to hide...

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There are many options for your hair growth venture. From hair growth therapy to stem cell hair rejuvenation procedures.

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Hair Transplant, Hair Restoration Huntsville, Alabama

Remove the Blad / Steve Latham Hair transplant clinic is located in Madison, Alabama. Steve is one of the best hair transplant specialist in Alabama, offering unparalleled hair transplant and restoration services with procedures like non invasive surgery, laser hair therapy and long strand hair transplant.

Remove the Blad / Steve Latham Hair Transplant Center helps people suffering from hair loss and baldness, as well as those experiencing hair thinning in Madison, Alabama.

Our caring and professional staff offering consulting to patients to enable them to make the right decision about correctly baldness and hair loss.

A non invasive long strand hair restoration procedure can give you a young vibrant look and make you feel youthful again.

60 percent of Alabama men and 80 percent of Alabama women will have distinguishable hair loss by age 60. Rogaine and Propecia are just temporary bandages to the problem. At Steve Latham Hair Transplant Clinic Dr, George Peter Gray and Steve Latham with over 36 years of experience will help you regain your youthful look with a professional hair transplant procedure.

No more worrying about saving money for hair transplant and rejuvenation. Our clinic is a fraction of the cost of most clinic. A procedure done in our office which we value at $2,500 will cost you over $7,000 at some other clinic. We are here to help. Just give us a call.


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Our goal is to enable our clients to regain that youthful look by using modern technology to aid in hair growth and restoration.

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