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Hair Transplant Huntsville Alabama

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution for men and women experiencing baldness, thinning hair, and total hair loss.

At Steve Lathan Transplant clinic in Huntsville Alabama there are many techniques used to help you regain loss hair: long strand hair transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Laser Hair Rejuvenation to name a few. Clients get a free hair restoration consultation in a professional atmosphere.

Hair is a vital parts of ones beauty and affect the way others look at you. Suffering from hair loss can lead to low self esteem.

FUE procedure involves extracting very small grafts (micro-grafting), transplanting hair from an area of plenty to an area of want.

The finished result is a head complete with youthful hair.

FUE is non invasive, meaning it requires no sedation or bandages and patients can go back to work the same or following day.

The procedure is done while the patient is fully awake, conversing with the specialist or watching television.

In the ensuring weeks the patient should experience rapid growth of hair and should see full results in a matter of a month depending on race and hair type.

At Steve Latham Hair Clinic in Huntsville, Alabama our professional transplant procedure significantly reduces baldness through long strand hair transplant, FUE or laser hair rejuvenation. If you suffering from extreme baldness give Steve Latham hair clinic a call.