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Fue Hair Transplant In Guntersville Alabama

Steve Latham Hair Clinic has been performing hair transplant on patients in Guntersville, Alabama and the surrounding areas for over a decade.

Over recent times, he has taken great steps in hair transplant surgery and hair rejuvenation.

Hair loss is a terrible reality to deal with. Majority of people will experience baldness, hair loss or excessive hair loss during their lifetime.

Steve Latham Hair Clinic uses a variety of hair loss treatment for his Guntersville, Alabama patients.

Over the years, there has been many improvements in hair transplant and restoration techniques. One of the new procedures performed at Steve Latham Hair Clinic is Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE.

This procedures is not as invasive and patients can be back to work in no time. The process involves the selection of individual hair follicles from the area of the head with lots of hair (most likely the back of the head) which are removed and transplanted to the bald areas.

There are no scars in the donor, meaning the areas from which hair is harvested remains normal.

Patients from Guntersville, like any other city in America has differing hair texture. Some have curly hair (African American), while others have straight hair (Caucasian).

It is challenging for some hair transplant professional to do FUE on African Americans, but Steve Latham Hair Clinic has mastered the procedure.

With a wealth of knowledge, over a decade of practice and a commited professional staff, Steve Latham Hair Clinic has been helping people in Guntersville, AL restore their hair and regain a youthful appearance.

Patients to the clinic says that Steve's attention to detail and his great for his patients make their experience at his clinic a joyful one.

Patients says it is relaxing, refreshing and a attainment of a youthful appearance.

If you live in Guntersville, Albertville, Scottsboro, Gadsden, Huntsville, Fort Payne, Hartselle, Athens, Pell City or any of the cities in North Alabama and experience hair loss, give the clinic a call: 256-508-9716 / 382-2000

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