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Cosmetic And Surgical Hair Loss Treatment In Madison Alabama By Steve Latham

There are a few procedures that people suffering from hair loss can do at home to reduce further loss or to hide baldness. Special hair shampoo, Vaseline, wigs and hairpieces, just to name a few. However, there are a couple of good techniques that out Madison, Alabama Hair transplant doctor would recommend.

1. Undergo a periodic laser rejuvenation therapy, a procedure where laser lights are beamed on hair follicles to stimulate hair roots and promote growth.

2. Another is less intense and is recommended to people with a few bald spots or thinning hair, but are not really candidates for hair transplant. Products such as topix, process lamb hair that are synthesize to perfectly mimic human hair, does a great job in helping to make the head appear full with youthful hair .

Steve Latham also conduct surgical hair transplant at his Madison office. Most procedures are non-invasive, requiring just minor anesthesia .

Major hair restoration involves the removal of tiny hair follicles in areas of abundant hair and transplanting them in areas that are bald.

Patient may observe small scares just for a few days and as the area heals the patient will experience hair growth. This is the most reliable way to achieve permanent hair growth.

Another form of surgical hair restoration is platelet rich plasma therapy in which platelet rich plasma that contains hair growth cells that assist in the healing of other cells are used to stimulate the growth of hair follicles, reversing extreme baldness and alopecia.

Another technique used in Steve Latham Madison clinic is scalp reduction. It is a procedure in which the bald areas are surgically removed and the growth areas of the scalp are fasten together. Not all patients are candidate for this procedure and it is rarely done.

Steve Latham also do a procedure call tissue expansion. A solution that expands the tissue of the scalp is inserted under the layer of the growth area of the scalp which is gradually inflated with saline solution for a certain time period. The length of time depends on how well the patients' scalp respond to the treatment.

This expansion help to increase the area of hair growing scalp and is used as a nursery area to grow hair that will be transplanted.

Steve also recommends a procedure that thwarts the growth of a stress related hormone referred to as corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) which has been associated with hair loss.

The reducer is called astression-B. This procedure is still in its infancy awaiting more trials.

Extracellular Matrix is another procedure recommended to his Madison patients. It is a natural biological substance that is implanted in the bald areas to stimulate hair growth.

It also aid in the healing of scalp tissues after hair restoration procedures.